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Fasting diary & how to break it.


Thank you for being here. 5 days ago I started my ProLon fast. (I am not sponsored or in any way affiliated) It felt it was necessary to do some resetting and some self care as I felt pains in my body, felt slow and lazy and quite lethargic. Although not cheap, this meal programme works for me because it's quite gentle on the body and all the food per day is set so temptation won't come in the way when cooking for my family. I still eat soup and crackers and olives for lunch and supper so it's fairly easy to join the others. The idea is to still eat (between 800 and 1200 cal) and trick the body into being in a fasting state. The body will go into ketosis and starts burning fat instead of glucose, which is what we are aiming for by omitting carbohydrates. Not something to stay in all the time but good to alternate so the body becomes metabolically flexible which means it will be able to switch between burning fat for energy and burning glucose (sugar) for energy.

Please find below my experience of the 5 days.

Day 1

  • Initially, I felt an instant positive shift that I took control into self-care. More energetic, more clarity and more positive the very first morning. However, I did also observe the following.

  • Non-stop urges to eat between 10 and 12 am. I realise how often, if I am working from home in the kitchen, I create a mini break by going into the cupboard.

  • I played tennis with my daughter around noon. It was rather cold outside and we both didn't play very well, both a bit grumpy and all.

  • When I went with other daughter to the shops, I was so irritated with other people (not with her) she labelled me Hangry.

  • Felt headachy and very sleepy around 6.30 pm and a very present 'zoom' in my head.

Day 2

  • Yoga 30 minutes

  • Tate Britain - the Rosetti's exhibition with my daughter which was a treat and lovely distraction.

  • Lunch and afternoon at home, taking it easy, feeling slow but ok

  • Late afternoon with daughter to chiropractor (Julian Keel in Barnes) to have both of our lower back and neck taken care of.

  • Still quite hangry- aware of being judgemental towards things and other people, negative and quick to get irritated.

  • Cold toes and fingers.

Day 3

  • I slept like a rose. Non - stop 7,5 hrs! It's like a dream, since I lately usually wake up at least once during the night. I guess the combi of Julian and the fast is paying off

  • Quiet day, little bit out of body sensation

  • Still quite hangry and rumbling tummy- Day 3 is usually most difficult as lower end of the calorie intake today

  • After an Epsom salt bath, I went to bed early at 9 pm.

Day 4

  • I did wake up once but slept quite long and well all in all. Wake up time 2.30 am, according to Chinese body clock it's the liver who is most active that time and could indicate some detoxification pathway challenges or too much yang energy.

  • There was lots of temptation today since my daughter had a Girls Tea at home with lovely cakes and homebaked goodies but I didn't cave in. Would be a shame since I am nearly there anyway.

  • Went to be at 22.30 and woke up at 6 without waking up during the night.

Day 5

  • Felt good upon waking.

  • Took some measurements: Ketones super high, Glucose low, Acidity 5.5 so all in all perfect levels and it was the aim of the exercise.

  • The yoga class I was about to teach was cancelled last minute but replaced with a nice walk in the park with my eldest daughter. Glorious sunshine and lovely chat so felt very good and grateful.

  • No more negative thoughts, just chill.

  • Later that afternoon, I had to go with my other daughter to the shops to organise some uniform things for the start of school today. I didn't think I would have the energy but it was fine.

  • I look forward to normal eating again as I had my last soup in the evening

Day 6

  • Breaking the fast, transition day.

  • Not the best night before they go to school again, always a bit restless on Sunday night.

  • However, woke up with plenty of energy. I guess the sunny weather and the prospect of returning to normality does add to a good mood.

  • Celery juice, porridge with apple, date, flaxseed and maple syrup. Brain is happy and starts writing. The rest of the day I have planned to have some soup, salad, sourdough and avocado and undoubtedly a bit of chocolate::)


When I first did a fast, I made the mistake of indulging straight after I was allowed to eat normally again without taking into account the importance of gently easing the body into eating normally again. This resulted in my body protesting and getting huge stomach cramps which is best to be avoided as that is no fun. Ideally one sticks to fruit and vegetables, soups and other light forms of food. Only small amount of animal food on the first day after the fast.

After 12 hours it's ok to resume your normal healthy diet.


I am very pleased. It was the 4th round of ProLon over the years and each time I improve habits. At the moment I have no desire for coffee. It was never really my thing but I do get sometimes into the habit again even though I do not really like the taste of it. Not anymore now. Not drinking alcohol has never been a problem for me. I only drink moderately at a party or dinner with friends and I am just as happy without. I imagine, if it is something you might miss, the urge to drink might diminish and a 5 day break won't hurt.

Weight loss wasn't my first priority and I didn't not measure before I started but I suspect I lost about 1.5 kg and a bit of fat %. It might come back a little bit but not necessary all of it. The more you need to lose, the more will come off. I think the first round I lost over 3 kg.

This round I was particularly aware of the thoughts that came to me and I felt, if anything, it was a detox of negativity. I think I have an idea where the negativity came from - it's not my nature - and it's great to be able to let go and feel the shift. Moreover, my skin is more radiant and my eyes look brighter.

If you have any questions, or you would like me to help you on your transformative journey to a healthier and happier version of you, I would love to hear from you.


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