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White Sand and Stone




"Eugénie is an impressive and accomplished yoga teacher. Her personalised and caring approach means that the sessions are incredibly beneficial and the end result is a full body relaxation and rejuvenation."


– Katinka D

"I really enjoyed it! I used to do yoga a lot but haven’t done it properly for ages, and it was lovely to do your class. I have tried a couple of online videos but a proper streamed class is much better. You have a very calm manner and I found it easy to follow even though it was online. Feel very chilled this evening, thank you! X"


- Emma C

"Loved that class Eugénie, thank you! Really liked the thought that what you do privately has an outward impact. Also, I realised how much yoga calms me down and makes me focus which I’m really needing at the moment and so important for my autoimmune condition. You have a lovely calm manner when you are teaching and I could follow it all very easily. 🙏"


– Jenna K

"Thanks for the yoga yesterday, it was super relaxing and I slept so well. It is lovely to get back into yoga after so long and it is so helpful in these tense times! I thought it was such a nice routine, it all flowed really well and the reading it the end was great. Xx"


- Emma O

"One of the aspects I appreciate about doing online yoga with Eugénie is that her instructions are clear which allows me to keep my eyes closed and focus on my movements with little need to look up at my screen. Eugénie teaches yoga in a calm and encouraging way making me feel like every session I can push myself a bit more without any pressure or judgement."


- Anna J

"Was a great session, thank you so much, I have been in overdrive so this was so good! Eugénie adds something beyond yoga to every session - a special reflection, something linked to the season or what is going on in the world. It’s a wonderful connection to align what is going on inside and outside."


Nathalie B

"Eugénie's calm demeanour ensures her yoga sessions - whilst working hard - are relaxing. The fact that she is also a Health Coach is an added benefit and makes her sessions even more rewarding. ."


– TJ H

Health Coaching

"Eugénie has a very passionate and thorough approach to her health coaching. During our session(s) she demonstrated a deep understanding of my particular needs and directed me with clear actions of how to improve my mental and physical health."


- Louise D

"One of the aspects I appreciate about working with Eugénie is her strong sense of connection with "self " which guides me to connecting with my own self in a natural and serene way. My awareness grows and my insights shift. This has a positive impact on me."


- Noel J

"I found my health coaching sessions with Eugénie very helpful. Eugénie is very calm and a great listener and helped me to set effective and realistic goals. I felt really motivated after the sessions and have already made lots of changes that I struggled to make before.


Thanks so much for the Wheel of Life session today, it was really interesting and I feel as though it has clicked for me now, feel much more positive about it!"


- Emily C

''Eugénie has the loveliest voice. Her soft and gentle questioning made me relax and somehow remember things about my health from the past that I thought were locked away, she then imperceptibly led the discussion to how they relate to my current health concerns. Eugénie's compassionate nature made me feel cared for and truly heard, she brings an artistic sensitivity to her insights. Her kind yet purposeful urging for me to commit to a few goals was not overwhelming and I felt perfectly happy and able to accomplish them. I would highly recommend Eugenie as a health coach, even if you are commitment-phobic like me!" 


- AK

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