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The Power of Grounding through Yoga and Crystal Healing

Alexandra Berthault (Crystal Healing) and I (Yoga) join forces to offer you a grounding session in the Life Centre on the 1st December.

With crystals, meditation and a gentle yoga session, we will encourage centering and grounding. Grounding helps to stay focussed, sleep better, remain calm, lower anxiety, lower that feeling of being all over the place, and generally feel more like your best self. We practice grounding through breath, yoga and crystals but also touch on nutrition and other ways you can remain grounded - think connected to the ground- to encourage a healthy exchange of electrolytes and encourage healing body, mind and spirit.

Please find below the details and should you have any questions you can send me or alexandra a message. whats app: 07714235418 (my mobile) or (my email) or (to sign up)

Love & Light,


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